Fresh, delicious and healthy foods with no added fat, butter or commercial sauces.


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Bruschetta:  tomato, basil, garlic-olive oil, feta


Roasted Eggplant: tomato, veggies ragout, mozzarella


Meatballs:  herb ragout, chile, tomato sauce, spices


Tuna Tartare:  eggplant tapanada, romesco, avocado & microgreens


Prawns al Aglio:  garlic olive oil


Boquerones: Sicilian white anchovies, toast, piquillo peppers

Ceviche Crudo: Red onion, Lemon, Chili Peppers 9
Piquillo Peppers: goat cheese, potatoes, white beans 7
Insalata de Campo: field greens salad vinaigrette 5
Caprese Salad: fresh mozzarella, tomato, citrus vinaigrette 7
Beet Salad: fresh mint, tomato, golden raisins, goat cheese, herb vinaigrette 7
Sardines Insalata: calamata olives, green beans, potato, feta cheese, balsamic olive oil 9



Pasta al Aglio: basil, garlic, olive oil, chili peppers

Spaghettini: with romano beans and pesto 14
Penne Abruzzese: with veal, porcini mushrooms, spinach 15

Linguini: with prawns, artichokes, basil, garlic, tomato, zucchini relish


Chicken alla Parmigiana: fresh mozzarella, pasta, and vegetable ragout


Roasted Chicken (cacciatore style): garlic potatoes 15
Oxtail Stew: Quinoa, garlic, chili pepper 16

Niman Flat Iron Steak: potato gratin, green beans, chimichurri sauce


Fresh Seafood Cioppino:  in a rich tomato-basil sauce, parmesan, garlic toast 19

Roasted Scallops:  spinach, salciccia sugo


Roasted Wild Salmon: white wine, capers, braised greens, and potato gratin


Age Roasted Lamb Mignon: veal demi glace, parmesan potatoes

Veal Scallopini: mushrooms, garlic, marsala wine 18
Paella: (minimum 4 people - 24 hours notice required with reservation) M.P.

“For over 40 years I have been serving healthy and delicious foods in the San Francisco Bay Area.”
-- Castro Ascarrunz - Owner, Chef, Waiter, Entertainer

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